Product Number: 4039648

CAS Number: 57773-63-4

 267.50 1,071.10

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Product Description

A long-acting GnRH agonist. Pamoate is the bivalent anion of pamoic acid (embonic acid, 4,4·-methylene-bis-(3-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid)). CAS-number (triptorelin pamoate) 124508-66-3.

C.F.Heyns, Am. J. Cancer, 4, 169 (2005)

H.Lepor, Rev. Urol., 7 (Suppl. 5), S3 (2005)

Salt form: Pamoate

Molecular weight: 1311.47

Chemical Formula: C₆₄H₈₂N₁₈O₁₃

Storage Temperature: < -15°C

Synonyms: Triptorelin pamoate salt

One Letter code: pEHWSYwLRPG-NH₂

Source: Synthetic

Old Product Number: H-6150


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