Angiotensin II


Product Number: 4006473

CAS Number: 4474-91-3

CHF 134.80CHF 404.50

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Product Description

Angiotensin II, DRVYIHPF, is the major biologically active component of the renin-angiotensin system. Its activities include the regulation of blood pressure, salt and water balance, and vascular tonus. Ang II stimulates various enzymes such as NADPH oxidase. Ang II is often used as a model compound in the development and evaluation of analytical methods for peptides and proteins (e.g. MS).

J.Mazella et al., Front. Endocrinol., 3, 143 (2012)

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Salt form: Acetate

Molecular weight: 1046.19

Sum Formula: C₅₀H₇₁N₁₃O₁₂

Storage Temperature: < -15°C

Synonyms: Ang II

One Letter code: DRVYIHPF

Source: Synthetic

Old Product Number: H-1705

Dipeptidyl-Peptidase III (DPP III)


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