Product Number: 4003766

CAS Number: 39537-23-0

CHF 303.90CHF 1,213.40

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Product Description

The dipeptides H-Ala-Gln-OH and H-Gly-Gln-OH are stable substitutes for Gln in cell culture media, which tolerate autoclaving and liberate a lower amount of undesired ammonia than Gln. Ala-Gln and Gly-Gln have also found use as Gln sources in parenteral nutrition.

M.J.McGuire et al., Arch. Biochem. Biophys., 295, 280 (1992)

A.Christie and M.Butler, Biotechnol. Bioeng., 64, 298 (1999)

E.Roth et al., In Vitro Cell Dev. Biol., 24, 696 (1988)

P.Fürst et al., JPEN J. Parenter. Enteral Nutr., 14, 118S (1990)

Molecular weight: 217.23

Chemical Formula: C₈H₁₅N₃O₄

Storage Temperature: < -15°C

One Letter code: AQ

Source: Synthetic

Old Product Number: G-1210


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