Angiotensin I


Product Number: 4002346

CAS Number: 484-42-4

 107 321

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Product Description

Angiotensin I, DRVYIHPFHL, is cleaved by angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) yielding Ang II and the dipeptide His-Leu. Ang I is also converted to Ang II by chymase, especially in the human heart. Hence, this mast cell protease is also involved in blood pressure regulation. The chymase pathway gains importance in inflammatory conditions.

Salt form: Trifluoroacetate

Molecular weight: 1296.5

Sum Formula: C₆₂H₈₉N₁₇O₁₄

Storage Temperature: < -15°C

Synonyms: Angiotensinogen (1-10)

One Letter code: DRVYIHPFHL

Source: Synthetic

Old Product Number: H-1680

Dipeptidyl-Peptidase III (DPP III)


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