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H-Gly-His-Arg-Pro-NH₂ acetate salt


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The central E region of fibrin contains two sets of polymerization knobs, A and B, that are cryptic in fibrinogen but become exposed after thrombin cleavage of fibrinopeptide A (FpA) and fibrinopeptide B (FpB) from the N-terminus of the Aα- and Bβ-chains, respectively. The location of the binding holes and possible models for knob-hole interactions are known from X-ray crystallographic studies using synthetic peptide analogs of knobs A and B. When fibrinogen fragment D and double-D are crystallized in the presence of both peptide analogs, the knob A peptide mimic H-Gly-Pro-Arg-Pro-NH₂ (GPRP-amide, H-1998) forms H-bond interactions with residues γ364Asp, γ330Asp, γ329Gln, and γ340His found in hole a. In the same manner, the knob B peptide mimic H-Gly-His-Arg-Pro-NH₂ (GHRP-amide, H-7318) interacts with residues Bβ397Glu, Bβ398Asp, and Bβ432Asp in hole b.
Catalog Number H-7318
One Letter Code GHRP-NH₂
Synonyms GHRP amide
Molecular Formula C₁₉H₃₂N₁₀O₄
Relative Molecular Mass 464.53
CAS Registry Number [209623-54-1] net
Source Synthetic
Storage Conditions -20 ± 5 °C