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(Met¹⁸⁶)-Melanocyte Protein PMEL 17 (185-193) (human, bovine, mouse) trifluoroacetate salt
H-Ile-Met-Asp-Gln-Val-Pro-Phe-Ser-Val-OH trifluoroacetate salt


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Modified sequence of the gp100 epitope gp(209-217) ITDQVPFSV, in which a methionine replaced the natural threonine at position 2, bound to the HLA-A2 molecule with greater affinity than the unmodified peptide and was shown to have an increased ability to generate melanoma-reactive cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) in vitro when used for sensitization of peripheral blood mononuclear cells. IMDQVPFSV hold promise for the development of novel cancer immunotherapies.
Catalog Number H-4938
APC Number 55-0-13
One Letter Code IMDQVPFSV
Synonyms (Met¹⁸⁶)-Melanocyte Lineage-Specific Antigen GP100 (185-193) (human, bovine, mouse), (Met¹⁸⁶)-ME20-M/ME20-S (185-193) (human, bovine, mouse), (Met¹⁸⁶)-Melanoma-Associated ME20 Antigen (185-193) (human, bovine, mouse), (Met¹⁸⁶)-ME20M/ME20S (185-193) (human, bovine, mouse), Disomotide, (Met¹⁸⁶)-95 kDa Melanocyte-Specific Secreted Glycoprotein (185-193) (human, bovine, mouse)
Molecular Formula C₄₇H₇₄N₁₀O₁₄S
Relative Molecular Mass 1035.23
CAS Registry Number 181477-43-0
Source Synthetic
Storage Conditions -20 ± 5 °C