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Carbamoyl-Asp-OH · magnesium salt/Carbamoyl-Asp-OH · dipotassium salt (1:1)


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Substrate for the determination of E.coli dihydroorotase (EC, which catalyzes the cyclization of carbamoyl-Asp-OH into L-5,6-dihydroorotate. This enzyme being in the biosynthetic pathway of pyrimidine nucleotides, is an important therapeutic target for the design of new antineoplastic agents. Its activity was assayed spectrophotometrically measuring the increase of absorbance at 230 nm (ε₂₃₀ = 1170 M⁻¹cm⁻¹, Km = 0.47 mM, kcat = 143 s⁻¹).
Catalog Number M-2240
Molecular Formula C₁₀H₁₂K₂MgN₄O₁₀
Relative Molecular Mass 450.73
CAS Registry Number [13184-27-5] net
EINECS Number 236-134-3
Storage Conditions +5 ± 3 °C
Areas of Interest Cancer Research


Enzyme Substrates Inhibitors