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4-Methyl-benzhydrylamine resin (200-400 mesh, 0.70-1.30 mmol/g) · HCl


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BHA resin turned out to be not sufficiently acid-labile for obtaining peptide amides with sterically hindered C-termini (e.g. Phe, Leu) applying standard cleavage conditions. Introduction of a 4-methyl substituent sufficiently increased the acid-lability of the peptide-resin linkage. Cleavage can be achieved with HF, trifluoromethanesulfonic acid or tetrafluoroboronic acid/thioanisole in TFA using scavengers such as m-cresol and ethanedithiol. This resin has been employed by Pei et al. in the synthesis of quinolinones from β-lactams, and in the conversion of linear peptide amides to cyclic ureas or thioureas.
Catalog Number D-1210
Synonyms 4-CH₃-Ph-CH(NH₂)-Ph-polymer · HCl, MBHA resin · HCl
Molecular Formula n/a
Relative Molecular Mass n/a
Storage Conditions RT