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SASRIN™ resin (200-400 mesh, 0.80-1.20 mmol/g)
2-Methoxy-4-alkoxybenzyl alcohol resin


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SASRIN™ (=Super Acid Sensitive ResIN) was developed in our own laboratories especially for Fmoc solid phase synthesis (EP 0 292 729, US 4,831,084 and US 4,914,151). Its high acid lability enables the cleavage and isolation of the protected peptide fragment. Beside SPPS SASRIN™ has been used in several organic reactions like the synthesis of 4-aryl substituted β-lactams employing Suzuki and Heck couplings, the synthesis of β-sultams, quinazoline-2,4-diones, pyridines and pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidines and the generation of secondary alkylamines by borane reduction. S.S.Rahman et al. reported on the FT-IR and Raman spectroscopic monitoring of reactions on a single SASRIN™ bead and C.L.Brummel et al. on the evaluation of mass spectrometric methods applicable to the direct analysis of non-peptide bead-bound combinatorial libraries. For a review on the manifold applications of our SASRIN™ resin, including many useful procedures, please ask for our SASRIN™ brochure. Bachem offers a large variety of Fmoc-amino acids linked to SASRIN™ resin. See also D-2440.
Catalog Number D-1295
Synonyms 3-CH₃O-4-HOCH₂-Ph-O-CH₂-Ph-polymer
CAS Registry Number 124760-64-1
Storage Conditions +5 ± 3 °C

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