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Sarafotoxins have been purified and sequenced from the venom of the Israeli snake Atractaspis engaddensis. The sarafotoxins, which cause severe coronary vasospasm in snakebite victims, exhibit a remarkable structural and functional homology to the endothelin family. They bind with high affinity to rat atrial and brain membranes and induce the hydrolysis of phosphoinositides in these tissues.
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    SRTX-A, S6A
    H-1046.0500 0.5 mg
    H-1046.1000 1 mg

  2. + Availability
    H-7980.0500 0.5 mg
    H-7980.1000 1 mg

  3. + Availability
    SRTX-C, S6C
    H-7985.0500 0.5 mg
    H-7985.1000 1 mg